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We do so much more than flight instruction, sales, and maintenance!  We are a full-service experience for our customers!

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Take a look of all the extra services we have to offer our clients -

Aviation Academy stands alone.


Ferrying of Aircraft

Need to move an aircraft from one location or another?  Stuck away from home in IFR conditions?  Need to move an aircraft for maintenance?  We can help!


Aircraft Brokering and Appraisals

Planning on buying an airplane or helicopter soon?  We can appraise it, so you get the piece of mind that the airframe your buying is priced fairly.  We can even sell your used aircraft for you!

Colleagues at Work

Aircraft Management

Aviation Academy can manage the day to day maintenance of your helicopter with out you needing to look after the details.

Private Aircraft

Short-term Hangar Space

Needing to house your aircraft or helicopter for a short time while visiting the Acadiana Regional Airport?  We have extra hangar space.  First come, first served.


Ground Transport or Rescue of Robinson Helicopters

Had an issue and needed to land away from home or somewhere other than an airport?  We have you covered.  Our Robinson helicopter trailer is designed to move your aircraft without any damage.


Pre-purchase Inspections (airframe/mechanical)

Safety is TOP priority.  It should be the same when you purchase an aircraft.  Let our trained technicians conduct a pre-purchase inspection on an aircraft or helicopter your interested in buying.  Not buying locally?  No problem.  We can take care of finding a reputable service station where ever in the country you need it.

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Leave the worry to us, call today and let us take care of the details


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