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Our Location

The Aviation Academy state-of-the-art facilities are situated at Acadiana Regional Airport (KARA) in New Iberia, Louisiana. Located just a short drive from anywhere in Cajun Country, our campus provides a tranquil and supportive learning environment for aspiring pilots. With lower traffic volume, beginner students can take their time to master the basics, while experienced pilots can take advantage of the challenging airspace at Lafayette Regional Airport (Class Charlie), just a few minutes away by air.


Our aviation academy features two hangars: Our main facility and hangar cater to helicopter operations, while our second hangar is specifically designed for aircraft operations. Both hangars are conveniently located across the runway from each other, making it easy for students to switch between aircraft.


Join us at Aviation Academy and experience the thrill of flight in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Headquarters, Helicopter Operation Base and Hangar, Helicopter Maintenance Facility, Simulator Bays

Located at 705 Hangar Drive, New Iberia, LA.  On the east side of Acadiana Regional Airport.

Main Building Front.jpg

Fixed Wing Aircraft Operations Base and Hangar, Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Located at 4516 Ed Lasalle Road, New Iberia, LA.  On the west side of Acadiana Regional Airport.


8000 x 200 Foot Concrete Runway, Class Delta Airspace

Located just south of Lafayette, KARA is central to the heart of Acadiana, and has one of the few seaways in the United States.  KARA serves as our home airport, but we will travel anywhere in the region to train pilots and provide services.




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