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As a Professional Pilot, you are required to maintain a Commercial certification. Commercial Pilot
Certification will allow a pilot to fly for compensation or hire. Under a Part 135 operation, the salary for
a Commercial Pilot In Command (PIC) can vary from $50,000-$100,000 a year. EMS and GOM Gulf of
Mexico (GOM) pilots typically start around $65,000 a year. A Captain flying for a GOM operator can
make over $130,000 per year.

Eligibility Requirements

- Hold a current FAA Private Pilot Rotorcraft/Helicopter Certificate
- Minimum 18 years of age prior to course completion
- Able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language
- Hold a valid 3rd Class FAA medical certificate

Certification Requirements


- 150 hours of flight time as a pilot
- 100 hours in powered aircraft
- 50 hours must be in helicopters
- 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time
- 35 hours in helicopters
- 10 hours in cross-country flight in helicopters
- 20 hours of helicopter training

- 5 hours by reference to instruments using a view-limiting device
- One 2-hour cross country flight in a helicopter in daytime
- One 2-hour cross country flight in a helicopter in nighttime
- 5 hours PIC in night VFR conditions
- 10 hours of flight time as pilot in command with an instructor
- 30 hours Ground Instruction
- Pass the FAA Knowledge Test
- Pass the FAA Practical Test

Interested in the Commercial Pilot Course?

Interested in flying but don't know where to start?

A discovery flight with us is the perfect way for you to get your first experience of flying a helicopter. Our Discovery Flights are 30 minutes. Gift Certificates Available.

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