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Working on a fixed wing CFI, or just want to have better control over your airplane?

We are now offering Spin Training in the Super Decathlon, 2 hours of ground training plus 1.5 hours of flight.

Robinson R44 Flight Review

The FAA Flight Review is required every 12 calendar months until 200
hours, then 24-calendar months to keep your pilot certificate valid. This
review is based on the FAA guidance and the SFAR 73 regulations in

14CFR Part 61 and AC 61-98C.

Instrument Proficiency Check

The FAA Instrument Proficiency Check will get you current under the
hood again. You can train in the R-44 under simulated instrument
conditions based on the 14CFR Part 61 regulations and AC 61-98C.

Time Building

We can provide helicopter flight time building towards a certificate or
rating. Night time, Cross Country time, Instrument time requirements,
or any other time building or skills needed for your next position. Ask

about our discount block rates for time building.

CFI Renewal

Have you let your CFI Certificate Expire? We can train you back to
ground and flight Commercial Standards to take your Practical Test with

the FAA.

R44 SFAR 73 Robinson Transition

Do you hold a FAA Rotorcraft/Helicopter Certificate but have never
flown a Robinson Aircraft? The required SFAR73 10-hour transition
training in the R-44 can be done by one of our Certified Flight


CFI B-5 training for endorsement to teach in R22/R44
What is a B-5? If you would like to provide flight instruction in a
Robinson Aircraft you have to complete the SFAR73 2. (b) (5) for the
Robinson R-22 or the R-44. This flight training is based on the SFAR73
requirements and final testing done by a FAA aviation safety inspector

or authorized designated examiner.

R22/R44 Precision Auto-rotations

After completion of your Rotorcraft/Helicopter Commercial Pilot
Certificate and you hold FAA Commercial Standards you can take the
Advanced Autorotation Course. This course demonstrates real world
situation awareness in the Robinson R-44 when dealing with
autorotation’s. Ground and flight training are part of this course.

Robinson Factory Approved R66 transition for insurance requirements. Insurance will require a R66 transition when upgrading from a R44 to a R66.

Interested in the Additional Training?

Interested in flying but don't know where to start? Come fly with us!

Discovery Flights

A discovery flight with us is the perfect way for you to get your first
experience of flying a helicopter.
Our Discovery Flights are 30 minutes. Gift Certificates Available.
Before you fly one of our Certified Flight Instructors will explain to you
how each of the controls work and the basic fundamentals of flying a
helicopter. After a safety brief, then it will be time for you to put your

new knowledge into practice. The flight training received during your
discovery flight will count towards the flight time required for a
helicopter pilot certificate. An advanced reservation is required.
Wear comfortable clothes, and closed toe shoes. Weight limit in R44 is
300lbs seat weight.




Aerial Photography

Let’s remove the doors for photos or video - Real Estate, Regional
Survey, Wildlife, Sunrise/Sunset, Video